We & our partners will pay rewards to our top winners weekly at every Monday, start from 17th Dec 2018


At Demo/Free game server:

Top 1: 0.5 ETH + 10 CGM + 500000 WEBN + 100000 NTY

Top 2-5: 2 CGM + 100000 WEBN + 50000 NTY each person

Top 6-10: 1 CGM + 50000 WEBN + 10000 NTY each person


At WEBN game server:

Top 1: 0.5 ETH + 10 CGM + 2000000 WEBN

Top 2-5: 2 CGM + 500000 WEBN each person

Top 6-10: 1 CGM + 100000 WEBN each person


At CGM game server:

Top 1: 0.5 ETH + 50 CGM

Top 2-5: 10 CGM each person

Top 6-10: 5 CGM each person


At NTY game server:

Top 1: 0.5 ETH + 10 CGM + 500000 NTY

Top 2-5: 2 CGM + 250000 NTY each person

Top 6-10: 1 CGM + 50000 NTY each person


*** The leaderboard will be reset at every 0:00 am of the first day of month to give chances to every new players!

*** You can also earn money by invite people to join play with ClickGem Affiliate Program!


CGCASINO.APP is an online gambling platform which plays directly using real money with all currencies (including fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies).


Each game server supports the players to play with a separate currency corresponding to a currency supported in the ClickGem multi-currency wallet. Players can deposit and play with real money. Of course, they can withdraw the money they deposited or won from other players.


For players who are not ready to deposit to play with real money, we also opened a demo/free game server so they can play without deposit money (each account will have a demo amount to play). Deposit and withdraw features are disabled in this demo/free game server.


Download & Play: https://www.cgcasino.app


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